Do you love inventing “Stuff,” coming up with ideas, but don’t know what to do next?
Here you might just find the answers you are looking for!

In the posts below I share my inventing experiences, both successful and not so successful - so your inventing experiences can be easier, more enjoyable and successful.

Did you ever get close to losing  your invention because you did not make enough sales? We sold 2 million kits. But one of the things I did was; Better Blocks, although we are looking at releasing it, it had a nine-year life span. And that’s because we sold it, the person I sold it […]

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You said that after the Better Blocks success, you then had a bit of self doubt. Is this the one hit wonder, basically you said. So how did you get out of that sort of thinking and selling yourself short to doing this? What was that lead? There must be something in your head that […]

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Lorwei: There was stuff you weren’t comfortable doing like asking, which means that, usually people say ‘you know I’m busy’ but that’s a code for ‘I’m afraid of being rejected’ and turned down, isn’t it? So you actually took matters in your own hands and took on some personal development?     Warren: Well, actually […]

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Learn the reason behind my success

On this website I share my own story of how I went from facing bankruptcy and having an idea in my shed, to making it into a bestselling international product! This product was BetterBlocks, a children’s building block.

Like so many products that we now take for granted, I invented BetterBlocks out of necessity. I needed to make money to get out of the dire financial situation I found myself in. Luckily to my surprise, BetterBlocks turned into a $45 million idea. Commercially-speaking it was my biggest success. In its prime – I am proud to admit –it gave Lego Corporation a bit of a headache.

At first I didn’t know what to think: was I a smart cookie? A one-hit wonder? Or just failure who got lucky?

Over the years I’ve seen many far better ideas than BetterBlocks fall by the wayside. The question is ‘Why did these inventors who had more money, better patents and better business plans than I fail to get their ideas off the ground?’. This question intrigued me so much that I’ve spent the last 10 years researching why only 1 in 600 patents are ever successfully commercialized and why 99 out of 100 businesses fail in the first 5 years.

I have started this site, “Warren Wilson Inventor” to share some the answers I discovered during my 10 years of research.

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