Are inventors born wearing an inventor’s hat?

QUESTION: Are inventors born wearing an inventor’s hat?

ANSWER: I wasn’t born an inventor, but my parents were very creative people. My dad was involved in engineering and my mum was a dressmaker. As a kid, I just used to like making “stuff,” although, looking back, there was more pulling “stuff” apart and trying to figure out where the leftover parts belonged after I had finished putting it back together! I would pull apart electronic gadgetry, old bikes, and machines, anything I could get my hands on. My parents encouraged this inquisitive side of me. From making “stuff’ like Billy carts out of junk I found lying around and then testing them, I learnt that…. some ideas worked. But many didn’t.   As I got older I became involved in motor bike racing, I enjoyed developing faster and faster bikes that could break the next record and then off I would go chasing the next title. This is where one of the lessons I learnt as a kid came in very valuable. Some of the engines I made were very fast but other’s weren’t as successful and just blew apart. So I had to go back to the drawing board and do it again, just like when I was a kid when I was testing my Billy cart.   One of the reasons BetterBlocks© became successful was because of the lesson I learnt as a kid, that some ideas worked and some didn’t and that perseverance is the key,  you’ve got to keep going to get to the end….to where you want to go. This is commonly called persistence and I have applied it to all of my inventions, my race bikes and my business.