QUESTION: You said that after the Better Blocks success, you then had a bit of self doubt. Is this the one hit wonder, basically you said. So how did you get out of that sort of thinking and selling yourself short to doing this? What was that lead? There must be something in your head that just went snap.

ANSWER: Actually, it didn’t quite go snap. But actually it was an evolution for me, what I started to do was to get, I was asked by schools to speak to classes of kids about inventing. And I went in and did that and I found that the kids would often lead me into entrepreneurship and finances and money. And I started to see that there was not a lot of good information, or information around that would teach kids about those things. So that was really the start of getting my next product. The problem I had was, I had an engineering background.,  Give  me a block to make and I can go off and do that, but give me an education program to build, I have to be honest, I had no idea how to do that. So I spent probably 15 years, researching  educational products. Like I mentioned before I did programs and whole series of things to find out how kids learn and how they learn the best. And that’s pretty simple. But the bottom line for me was; kids learn best from other kids and if the learning’s fun and entertaining, they’ll learn. And if you can get those two ingredients in, then you can build a program that will be great for teaching kids.

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