Is successful inventing really as easy as trying something else when your idea doesn’t work?

QUESTION: Is successful inventing really as easy as trying something else when your idea doesn’t work?

ANSWER: To be honest.. No! When I was developing Better Blocks I was $100,000 in debt, people were ringing me up asking to be paid the money that I owed them. I had to renegotiate payment plans with them. There wasn’t a day went by that I didn’t think “Gee, what am I going to do now?” And, I knew I knew I was not going to “make it” by doing the same old thing.’ (Just a note here, ‘Gee’ is a polite word I have written here to replace the real word I used!)  

However, I always believed in my invention and my end goal, which was that millions of kids around the world would be playing with my invention, Better Blocks. Happy kids and happy parents having fun. Visualising this end result is what kept me going. When times were really tough, I just recalled what I was really trying to achieve and I would say to myself “Okay, Warren, just put in one more effort.” It was really like that. Knowing where I wanted to go and just putting in a little more effort. Sometimes I would “score a goal” and many a time I felt like I wasn’t even in “the game.’ However life’s like that. It was during these “low times” times I would have to regroup and start again. But really, the success of BetterBlocks was all about persistence. That was one thing I really learned from Better Blocks.

Better Blocks was an okay idea. It was a building block like Lego, but my blocks moved when clipped together. I’m just an average guy that never graduated past secondary school. On my BetterBlocks journey I saw far better ideas than mine and met far more intelligent inventors than me, but many of them didn’t succeed, which made me start to think…”what did I do that worked?”   Really, it was just about being persistent! The only sure way to fail is to stop trying. I was probably a bit “pig headed” sometimes but I just keep going, and eventually, my invention Better Blocks was successful. During the tough times, that was the skill I needed to keep going…just being persistent!