What else is there to being a successful inventor other than a great business plan?

QUESTION: So you also were receptive to the information that was coming through. So I believe that it’s a case of when you set the intention. Is this very much like the law of attraction? People, you know, we talked about this. And don’t put limits or standards on how it’s going to happen. And let it come into your life. Now did you feel at any stage that you were chasing your tail, and it was just one of those false leads or like some people do, they tap into their intuition and they get a gut feeling; is this the right path to go or I’m just wasting my time and you make that judgment call? So how did you go about that when you were told by John “go ring my mate, this kiwi guy lives in the States, and it will all be sweet?”.

ANSWER: My gut feeling said, ring him up! Because my attitude is I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. To be honest, I find it really challenging, to ring people up, even here on this RadioTV interview. I don’t find this easy but it’s part of what I seem to do that works. So when I get into it, it kind of works and it’s very much an intuitive thing. I do have the sense that I do what I think is right. And what I think will benefit myself and a lot of people. And that’s how BetterKidsTV.com came about, it was just something that I thought there’s a lot of benefit in for a lot of people and it just felt right, again, it hasn’t always been an easy road. But it’s a matter of ‘okay I think this is a good thing’, and off I go and do it.

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