What else is there to being a successful inventor other than a great business plan?

QUESTION: Did you feel at any stage that you were chasing your tail, chasing false leads? Do you tap into and trust, your intuition, your gut feelings? How do you chose which is the right path to go or the path that’s just wasting your time? How do you make that judgment call? When your friend John said “Go ring my mate, this kiwi guy lives in the States, and it will all be sweet?”… and it definitely turned out that way…how did you know to follow this lead?

ANSWER: My gut feeling said, ring him up! Because my attitude is, I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. To be honest, I find it really challenging to phone people. Even doing this RadioTV interview I don’t find easy, but it’s part of what I do that seems to work for me. When look at the decisions I make, intuition does play a part. I have a sense of which choice is going to work for me and the other people involved. Of course experience plays a part in my decisions. That’s how my kids entrepreneurial program came about. It was an idea that I thought had major benefits to a lot of kids, parents and teachers which just felt right! It hasn’t always been an easy road, because experience is gained by making a lot of mistakes. But for me it comes down to deciding “Okay I think this project is a good thing”, and off I go and do it.

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