What were some of the biggest personal challenges on the road to success and how did you overcome them?

QUESTION: There was stuff you weren’t comfortable doing like asking, which means that, usually people say ‘you know I’m busy’ but that’s a code for ‘I’m afraid of being rejected’ and turned down, isn’t it? So you actually took matters in your own hands and took on some personal development?

ANSWER: Well, actually thanks for bringing that up because I did have a few. I’m 55 now, when I was 28 I had quite a bit of success in motor racing and what I was doing.  I used to run an engineering business alone and when I was 28, I decided pretty well, my life sucked. You know, there was a big chunk of my life that sucked. Because I was an introvert. I found it very hard to go out and meet people and those kinds of things. And I thought, this wasn’t the way that I wanted to live the rest of my life. So I started to do programs that brought me out as a person and it was, and still is, some of the most challenging  things that I’d do but I also know that that’s what I need to do sometimes. It’s like with my kids entrepreneurial program I’m developing, BetterKidsTV, I’ve got some people who have enough faith in the product that they invested money in me. That’s what I find with inventions, people don’t necessarily invest money in their ideas, it’s mainly the person. Can this person make this idea work? And people will invest money into me so it’s up to me to do the best job that I can, to make the project successful. And if that means I have to get out of my comfort zone sometimes or speak up and do things  I go ‘Well, I’d rather be sitting back at home watching TV but this is what I’ve got to do. And I’m not saying I always do it. But at least, I bring that question to myself, ‘what’s the best thing in the best interest of everybody to do here? That’s how it works for me. Which involves stepping out of your comfort zone sometimes.

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